Our services

Nellai Saravana Bhava always focuses on spreading smiles through palatable cuisines that steals your heart and swoons your taste buds. We ensure you get the best by using hand-picked fresh vegetables right from the farms and blends it with the finest ingredients to produce delectable delights without any compromise on the quality. This is again one of the prime reasons why we continue to win over the food lovers for more than 2 decades. We also have a close tie up the Tirunelveli franchise of Naturals. Hence, we can offer exclusive bridal services to the to-be-married couple in addition to our catering services in and around Tirunelveli.


Marriages are the once in a lifetime moment which leaves behind memories that linger forever. We make it even more special by offering catering services with sumptuous spreads of finger-licking good food that lingers in your taste buds.

House warming

A new abode, a fresh start, a new tale! Begin your new life at your new home with delicious cuisines served to perfection by Nellai Saravana Bhava Caterings. Let the whiff of toothsome delights spread joy and usher in prosperity!


Birthdays are always moments of bliss, cheer, and smiles. Make it even more exciting by delighting the taste buds with tempting treats that leaves the guests beaming with joy. We always go a step ahead in making you smile!

Naming ceremony

One of the special moments where you name your little bundle of joy who coos and smiles at you with eyes that twinkle. Share your joy by serving the loving hearts who came to bless your baby with tasty treats that bowls them over!


Making the first step to the world of talent and art in the presence of a packed audience is a laudable moment. Make moments count by choosing Nellai Saravana Bhava caterers to serve heavenly spreads that impress.

Corporate conference

Make an impact on corporate conferences that boost your business and build your brand image. Impress the attendees with sumptuous spreads served with premium standards by Saravana Bhava Catering services.

Public events

Turn heads and swoon the public with delicious spreads that leave a smile on everyone’s face. Be the talk of the town with savory treats from Nellai Saravana Bhava caterings. Win over the public and make an impact effortlessly!