Thazai vaalai virunthu - NSB Catering services in TirunelveliIf you are running a catering business in Tirunelveli, you need to ensure to provide the best services to your clients. Equipment plays an important part in the catering business. It should be organized and selected according to the event.
Some people have dreams about appearing at workplace naked. Caterers usually have nightmares about organizing the wedding reception in short of forks. When offering catering services in Tirunelveli, you have to remain completely organized to cater to any kind of function, be it a simple business lunch or a large wedding reception. You have to focus on various items like cocktail napkins, pepper and salt shakers, and also forks and steak knives. All the items should be well packed and reach the client’s party hall a day before the wedding reception or function.
We have prepared a list that would help you to remain relaxed and even sleep better without much tension. If you are catering in Tirunelveli, you have to include everything as you will be catering for both small and large functions. You may need one or two extra items apart from the given checklist. The checklist mostly depends upon your personal preferences and requirements of your business.

Table settings for catering in Tirunelveli

Most of the caterers in Tirunelveli ensure to bring and utilize necessary table settings. You need to consider both functional and decorative elements. When you have bring the right equipment and tools, the event will be stunning and the guests will feel happy to use all the things when they are eating. Some of the important table settings that should be included on the checklist are as follows:

Catering Service in Tirunelveli - Table Setting

  • Sugar holders
  • Water glasses
  • Wine glasses
  • Centerpieces
  • Paper or fabric napkins
  • Table cloths
  • Bread plates
  • Dinner plates
  • Salad plates
  • Pepper and salt shakers

Equipment for serving in Tirunelveli

It is essential to have a good set of handy serving equipment. When you have the right gear, you can easily distribute the drinks and food to the guests. Ensure to accomplish a balance of sturdy items and classy looking for best results.

  • Bus bins: You need to include several of these as it is important for holding leftover food and dirty dishes, which people give after eating.
  • Serving trays: If the event is buffet style, you would not require trays. But, if it is not a buffet, you need to have trays to serve the food.
  • Water pitchers: It is recommended to look for durable pitchers as it looks well. Ensure to have sufficient pitchers so that the servers can keep it stocked and use throughout the event. It is hard to refill water in the middle of the event.

Equipment required for buffet catering in Tirunelveli

If the client wants to display in buffet style, you would be requiring a slightly different catering checklist. It should include all the items to operate, setup and clean the buffet quickly. Some of the standard items required for the buffet are as follows:

  • Dishcloth: It is required to wipe up unexpected spills


Catering in Tirunelveli - Buffet Catering

  • Cutting boards: It holds the meat while slicing
  • Cutting knives: It is required for cutting meats and vegetables
  • Rolled silverware: It can be packed into bundles for passing out or easy grabbing.
  • Serving baskets: It remains useful for holding bread, fruits, and several other objects.
  • Plates: Ensure to select uniform and sturdy plates
  • Lighter or matches: It is useful for starting the dish heaters
  • Fuel: It is used for chafing dishes
  • Chafing dishes: It helps to keep the food warm all through the event
  • Tongs: It is helpful in scooping salads or other hard items.

The banquet checklist includes majority of the common items you require for organizing buffet style events in Tirunelveli. It is recommended to think about the items you require specifically for particular needs and include them in the list. Try and develop the list before the big day so that you can remain well prepared.

Tips to offer the best catering service in Tirunelveli

No matter what kind of event you are catering in Tirunelveli, it is necessary to have an equipment checklist to depend on. We hope that the banquet equipment checklist and other checklist make planning a bit easy. It is also best to take account of catering food specification but you need to prepare and arrange for each event. It is best to focus on small details while planning. It is best to start a few days before so that you would not have any last minute rushes.